Later, i.e. in like an hour or so, I'm releasing a vid that details who Gascot really is. And no I don't mean subtly hints, I mean it. It is blatantly outright said. Will be elaborating more and taking questions absolutely no one is asking/will ask after the vid is released. 


The Dimensional Discrepancy 2 - Postmortem07:52

The Dimensional Discrepancy 2 - Postmortem

So what were my original intentions? I honestly don't remember mostly. 

Gascot was always set to be a demon, a demonic figure, a guy that just fucked up your life but scared you shitless. In a way, Gascot represented me, and that's why he's my favorite character.

So why did I make the decision to make know.

I think it had to have been while I was still in the development stage for the movie.

bedrock was set to die from the beginning, and brought back. What was cut at a very early stage in development was a little snippet of conversation between Hand and the minions. Master Hand infused a demon into bedrock when he brought him back to life.

Then, while doing the wonderland series to lead into the movie, I had to find a way to explain the reason for Gascot being wounded in the rabbit hole. That strange distortion. Gascot was harming his former self. From there, it was no going back, they had to be the same. A new explanation for Gascot's static presence was needed. Before, it was cuz he's a Slenderman demon, but now? Pish posh. Then came The Adventure Through Time 2. I had to compensate the ambient music glitching out due to the computer going apeshit. Entropy. A time duplicate that is screwing with the universe. Entropy caused all the crap. And then everything was set.

So, with that, I even sealed how Gascot got to the past.

So a ton of shit just started to make sense, didn't it?

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