On October 14th BedrockPerson released 8 snapshots of scenes create in G-Mod. Given the accompinied captions and titles of the files, it can be assumed it is some sort of preview for a new series.

The original photos can be viewed here

The first snapshot, showing BLU Heavy and a BLU Scout comically fighting over a sandwich, as an apparently maskless BLU Pyro reaches for his mask.


A picture showing a dead Heavy apparently killed with a Fire Axe


A dead BLU Medic along side a weeping BLU Spy holding a cigarette


A burning BLU Sniper reaching out in desperation


An entire mill ablaze (the Sniper can be seen in the doorway left center)

4000 screenshots 2014-10-14 00008

A terrified BLU Demoman toasts to a dead BLU Engineer in the wreckage of a sentry as the (supposed) shadow of the killer covers them.


A BLU Heavy nervously grasps a shotgun beside a dead BLU Scout and BLU Soldier as a RED Pyro approaches them.


A peculiar picture showing a seemingly mangled Freedy Fazbear with an axe sticking out of him as a RED Pyro nochalantly walks away



The SecondEdit

On November 4th, Bedrock released another photo:
Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 7.29.58 PM

What appears to be a RED Pyro charging at a BLU Demoman, whilst another appears to drown a little girl...

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