Meanwhile, in another world…

The date is March 14, 2015. The Gascot continues to run amok amongst the GC/SN. As it seems all options of combat have been exhausted, one man steps forward, to save us all.



[0:00] – Phenomenon #061 observed entering Compound foyer. Alarm is already sounded, squads are already scrambling to intercept.

[0:15] – Operative unit Dylan ███████, known to on-site personnel as "Muffin", observed entering foyer before squads are able to arrive.

[0:30] – Unit makes contact with Phenomenon #061. Subject quickly raises his right arm, and forms a pistol with his fingers. Subject slowly jerks his arm upwards three times while audibly saying "Pew". After finishing, Phenomenon #061 is observed to keel over.

[0:45] – Unit approaches Phenomenon #061 and repeats this action. Phenomenon #061 remains motionless on the ground.

Phenomenon #061 remained motionless for several hours before squads were ordered to check for signs of life. No such signs were found. Phenomenon #061 deemed terminated.


What. ~Command

WHAT. ~On-site director


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