SM64 Blooper The Adventure through Time

SM64 Blooper The Adventure through Time


The Adventure Through Time is an SM64 Blooper made by BedrockPerson. It stars Bedrock (Jacob) and Neilstar007 as the barrel through time trying to prevent Yoshi's death


  • Mario
  • Yoshi
  • DylanDylan54321
  • Sebastian6078 (debut)
  • RedPandaMan1011
  • Army personnel
  • The Monster
  • Dr. Mario


The blooper opens with Mario daring Yoshi to jump off the roof. Yoshi impulsively does so, prompting Mario to take him to the hospital. There, a doctor declares an obviously killed Yoshi dead. Mario worries how he will tell everyone, but ends up nonchalantly dropping Yoshi's mangled corpse in the middle of the castle. As they inquire, Mario reveals he may have survived, had his ambulance not completely run him over. Jacob points out he can ("probably") time travel and save Yoshi. Neil begs to come along while the rest of the gang stays back knowing better than to go along with one of Jacob's schemes. Jacob and Neil travel, but Jacob sees he has overshot his destination and has arrived in the time of his first bloopers. He tries again but sees he is still too far back, as Dylan is seen flipping excessively (a call back to Dreams). He tries once more, and drops him and Neil right before the military nukes the castle (a reference to The Monster). They finally get to the correct time period and warn Yoshi not to listen to Mario. Neil, seeing himself no longer needed, flies to Narnia. Jacob realizes that now that Yoshi won't die, he may be erased from existence, but ends up turning into a Star World Human. He tries to "see if he can fly", and plummets straight into the moat. Meanwhile, Mario has arrived, but breaks the cannon when he tries to get to the roof. Nintendoteen walks by and attempts to fix it, which actually works. Mario tries to talk to Yoshi, but the latter ignores him at all times. Angry, Mario goes into the castle and asks Jacob (from that timeline) if he can borrow a shotgun. He complies and runs out armed with a 12 gauge. Meanwhile, NationOfOranges696 tries to discuss the matter of releasing MoBrosStudios from their basement, a matter which Jacob had completely fogotten about. Their conversation is cut short as the sound of shotgun blasts echo through the castle. After a couple shots Mario is heard yelling profanity as he charges into the castle proclaiming Yoshi took the shotgun from him. Jacob instructs Mario fangamer to grab a gun, and as Yoshi comes up to the castle the screen goes black. The sound of the door being kicked in followed by a gunshot is heard. It then shows Yoshi has been killed...again. Jacob, seeing this, then resolves to time travelling, repeating the cycle endlessly.


  • A Troll Face appears for a split second right before the video ends.