[0:00] Standard commercial bumper. Text appears reading: "1:00 - END OF BROADCAST DAY"

[0:05] Text overlays an image of the American flag, reading, "THIS CONCLUDES OUR BROADCAST DAY"

[0:10] Bars and tones.

[0:15] Tone suddenly ceases. Screen goes black.

[0:30] Text appears on screen reading, "I know you don't know who I am"

[0:45] Text appears on screen reading, "But maybe I could hold your hand?"

[0:54] Static.

[1:00] The footage cuts to what appears to be the podium for Ronald Reagan's 1983 _Evil Empire_ speech. Noticeable are the figures standing behind the podium in place of several intertitles present during the speech. Each figure is dressed in some sort of black cloak, completely devoid of any reflectiveness. While there is not an observable break in items of clothing, it is assumed that these figures are wearing some sort of hat, as the heads of each figure protrude upwards until a point, akin to a cone. There is no sound and the quality of the footage has been greatly degraded, it is uncertainly ascertained that none of the figures showed any movement.

[1:30] Reagan steps onto the stage, applause rises from the unseen crowd. The figures do not move, and Reagan seems to pay them no attention. He walks to the podium and begins his speech.

[1:45] Reagan speaks, "Reverend clergy all, Senator Hawkins, distinguished members of the Florida congressional delegation, and all of you: I can't tell you how you have warmed my heart with your welcome. I'm delighted to be here today."

[2:15] Footage undergoes significant distortion, before settling through a cut to what is an unknown amount of time into the speech.

[2:30] Reagan continues, "A renewal of the traditional values that have been the tendons of this country's strength. One recent survey by a Washington-based researcher concluded that Americans were far more willing to participate in cannibalism than they have in the past hundred years. America can not tolerate such abhorrence, within our own borders, and around the world. We will defeat ISIL."

[3:12] A cheer erupts from the crowd.

[3:17] Reagan continues, "There is no hope."

[3:25] The crowd cheers much louder.

[3:34] Reagan continues, "Billions and billions of souls, trapped in constraints. The American people are succumbing to the hate, the sadness, the darkness, the void."

[3:54] Reagan winces back and doubles over onto the platform, indicating severe pain. Static envelopes the screen.

[4:30] Footage returns to the podium. Reagan appears to stand painlessly, but has a visibly more discombobulated look and appears annoyed.

[4:31] Reagan begins speaking again, "I've been to the steel mills in Alaska, the fields of the Midwest, I saw the World Trade Center burn, I've seen the houses where they cut up the little babies. From sea to shining sea I have walked empty down ev'ry path, and what did I see? Hell."

[4:54] Crowd erupts into laughter. The camera begins bobbing up and down slightly. Reagan points towards the camera and says, "Don't you start, 'cause I'll start." The laughter dies down.

[5:06] Reagan continues, "But truly now, we live in a fortunate time. This is a fortunate time. Time is on our side."

[5:13] Reagan says, " There are your truths and there are my truths. There are known knowns, known unknowns and unknown...Some of them are in the audience right now!"

[5:17] Following the proceeding sentence, several lacerations begin to manifest across Reagan's eye socket, as well as punctures appearing to penetrate forehead and temples. Lacerations begin to appear along his neck as well.

[5:23] Reagan, straining and gurgling slightly, says, "The decaying flesh of false morality poisoning our children. I have stood atop the mountain of this greedy earth, looking upon our beautiful pious pit, filled to bursting with the vast hands of helplessness."

[5:30] Reagan violently jerks forward, spine apparently severed as it appears his head is only loosely connected to the body by strands of muscle tissue. Body remains somewhat animate for approximately 3 minutes, continuously attempting to gesture as spinal column appears to be withdrawn from neck cavity, before finally collapsing.

[8:49] Camera zooms out, evidently having been zoomed to maximum during filming, to reveal a completely empty auditorium. Nothing indicating the audience had left were noted between 4:54 and present. The cloaked figures disperse and walk off stage. Static envelopes the screen.

[9:00] Return to broadcast day signoff bumper.

[9:11] Tape ends.

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