BedrockPerson's Super Mario 64 Bloopers are just as they sound to be. Odd little videos that tell of Jacob and his friends.



The SM64 equivalent of BedrockPerson. Usually the comic relief, his intelligence is....hard to pin down at best. He has immense powers he normally uses for his own gain, but you know when things get serious Jacob will get right down to business.


The first secondary character, Neil often acts as the main companion of Jacob. Often a patron in the antics that occur regularly, Neil is rarely the voice of reason.

Mario fangamerEdit

Another companion of Jacob's, Mario fangamer is another member of the gang who is often silly.


Mature and intelligent, this Brit is almost always a voice of reason. He sticks up for his friends and often tries to quell the constant chaos.


A man of many colors with an addiction to many drugs, Y3TI is always funny, and very reliable.


Once a bitter enemy of Jacob, Zenon is a German mastermind who has great experience as a double agent. Some actions may have you think he's a troll (though to his own admission he is), but when you get to know him, he's a really nice guy. Often considered the only sane man.


SonicFan, better known in bloopers as Kazi, is Dylan's best friend and dubbed "the nicest guy in the castle". Never meaning harm, his gentle posture can be a bit distracting. Mess with him or worse, his friends, he'll end you.


A somewhat newcomer to the castle, Nintendoteen is normally a calm person, even in dire situations. His smarts and laid back attitude, however, are nothing to take advantage of.


A master of the art known as YouTube Poop, this crazy guy is never unprepared. Two words sum up this guy: Creative & Hilarious.


Often a side character, RPM often provides support for the group.

MarioFan7070Edit…look, just don't get on his bad side, okay?  He can get a little...unpredictable.

Withersoul 235Edit

This guy, is tough. Sometimes he'll do something bad, sometimes he won't...he's just very vague.


Not much to say


  1. Prototype Blooper (The Smell)
  2. Who's better (The Compitition)
  3. (Can't) Stand Still (The Debuts/The Test)
  4. The Rescue
  5. The Return (Part 1)
  6. The Return (Part 2)
  7. Dreams (The Changing)
  8. The Fight
  9. The Monster (Blooper)
  10. The Return 2 (Part 1)
  11. The Journey
  12. The Return 2 (Part 0/Prelude)
  13. Dylan and Kazi's Extravagant Adventure
  14. The Journey
  15. The Rescue II
  16. The Origin
  17. The Adventure through Time
  18. The Life Competition
  19. Unused Jokes
  20. SM64 Halloween Special!
  21. The Return 2 (Part 2)
  22. The Games
  23. SM64 Thanksgiving Special!
  24. Unused Jokes 2 - The Return 2 Part 2
  25. SM64 Christmas Special!
  26. The Dimensional Discrepancy
  27. The Thing