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Nintendoteen101(abbreviated NT101) is a primary antagonist of Bedrock's SM64 Bloopers. He is the doppelganger of Nintendoteen202. But only in Bedrock's SM64 bloopers. This guy, along with Nintendoteen202, has returned in the 3 Year BedrockPerson Celebration called The Party.

The Rescue IIEdit

Nintendoteen101's debut was The Rescue II. In the blooper, he kidnaps a YouTuber. But he didn't know that Bedrock, Nintendoteen and Yeti are searching for the YouTuber. Soon enough, Bedrock and co. find the YouTuber and Nintendoteen101. Yeti beats the everliving crap out of Nintendoteen101, Bedrock delivers the final blow and Nintendoteen202 calls police who arrest Nintendoteen101.

Halloween Special 2014Edit

NT101 made another appearance in the Halloween Special where he kidnapped Bedrock. NT202 found out about it and told everyone. NT101 claimed he was invincible due to the trees not being able to get in the cage of Big Boo's Haunt. He again said he was invincible, but was nearly crushed by a platform.

The Party(3 Year BedrockPerson Celebration)Edit

Nintendoteen101 returns to the castle and anonymously kills Peach, Zenon and Toad. He confronts Nintendoteen202, recalling the events in Halloween Special 2014. He tries to kill him, but is shot by bedrock. Just as NT202 gets everyone to go into the room to see NT101, he escapes, his whereabouts unknown.


None yet


  • Nintendoteen202
  • BedrockPerson
  • YetiTheAwesomeGuy


  • NT101 has a new color code, seen in The Party

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