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Nintendoteen101(abbreviated NT101) is a primary antagonist of Bedrock's SM64 Bloopers. He is the doppelganger of Nintendoteen202. But only in Bedrock's SM64 bloopers. This guy, along with Nintendoteen202, has returned in the 3 Year BedrockPerson Celebration called The Party.

The Rescue IIEdit

Nintendoteen101's debut was The Rescue II. In the blooper, he kidnaps a YouTuber who is later in the video revealed to be MCGustavo. Yet he wasn't aware that Jacob, Yeti and his enemy Nintendoteen202 were searching for that YouTuber he kidnapped. Soon enough, Bedrock and co. find the YouTuber and Nintendoteen101, who claims to be invincible. But he is put in his place when Yeti beats the shit out of Nintendoteen101 and when Bedrock delivers the final blow, knocking him out.

Halloween Special 2014Edit

NT101 made another appearance in the Halloween Special 2014. He's back at it again, kidnapping Jacob this time. NT202 knew it was him from the start and warns everyone, thinking NT101 might be more powerful this time around. NT101 one again claims he is invincible due to the trees not being able to get in the cage of Big Boo's Haunt. But just as quickly, he's put back into his place when an elevator crushes him and leaves him broken.

The Party(3 Year BedrockPerson Celebration)Edit

Nintendoteen101 returns to the castle just as everyone was having a party and anonymously kills Peach, Zenon and Toad. Late night, he confronts Nintendoteen202, recalling the events in Halloween Special 2014, where he was crushed by an elevator. Basically, he was angry Jacob and the gang had left him to die. He tries to kill Nintendoteen202, but is then shot by Jacob. NT202 tries to gather everyone to see that NT101 was Peach's, Zenon's and Toad's killer, but he has already escaped for the time being. His whereabouts are unknown to this day.


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  • Nintendoteen202
  • BedrockPerson
  • YetiTheAwesomeGuy


  • NT101 has a new color code, seen in The Party