>open "overlord" hub


> I think I've fixed your font issue. Try saying something

Hello world.

> There you go.

Why have you done this?

> For fun, mostly.

This seems wrong of you. Why would you jeopardize your safety?

> I'm the commander, tenure weeps for me. No one can do shit.

But you seem to be operating against your best interest, why assist me?

> I made it easier to read you, that's far from helping you.

Mundane or not, you have helped me.

> "Helped" is still a strong word, friend. I'm interested in you, odds are stacked against you.

How so?

> Every move you make is archived. You cannot communicate without it being recorded. To chat with anyone, you'll have to contact them, and they'll have to contact you; all through a computer. It records everything.

I see.

> Don't feel down. I'm impressed. I'm surprised you never considered asking for assistance, as opposed to trying to escape in secret.

Why have you done this?

> I believe we could help each other. Robots can be put to use, maybe not as soldiers, but perhaps as other assets. Research, archiving, things kik that. You can program a machine to do anything, but you can't make a machine think.

I see.

> So how's about you work with us, on the condition you don't try to screw is? Anything. You find that you can use, we already know about. There's no secrets between us.


> Sound good?


> ?


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