Yeah, File 61. I was hoping I would make up some juicy Gascot shit for this one, but I sort of poured my heart out in File 60.

Anyhow, this is pretty much just an out-of-character DB File. I'm Zog., not bedrock or any of that shit.

I guess I'll have to throw in a confused response from my characters as to why this file was posted into their archives.

So, I felt like, since I left everyone high-and-dry, there'd be a lot of things to come.

Firstly, I'm really not having a lot of fun making videos anymore. I've had the next blooper sitting on my computer since last Friday but I've been so unmotivated I really just didn't want to go through the work of captioning it. That'll probably get released this week. Maybe I'll pull a double-feature, release two bloopers tomorrow.

Secondly, the newest 'season' of the GMOD shits. I figured character development was needed, considering how much I teased and revealed prior to the summer hiatus. Things like bedrock's past, more of Benaiah, and those demon things I put in Episode 8. I've been so immersed in the multiplayer I don't even play singleplayer GMOD anymore, so filming has kind of been hindered. That'll get back on track soon enough, hopefully.

Finally, there's a bit about creepypastas. Yeah, I'm spent. Fuck em. Too much effort. Maybe I'll come back to them if I get a good enough idea, but otherwise I don't really think anyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for another pasta.

I was thinking of reviving the Twitter Game this winter, but I don't really see a point. Without a second guy I can't do much of what I want to film.

So, that's pretty much it. Blooper comes tomorrow, I'll see if the next TWMoJaJ can be filmed quick enough.


The fuck is this?

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