> /open XJ-9041 TEST LOGS (2)


Item in question: Anomaly JF-4785
Description: Anomaly JF-4785 is introduced to the testing chamber and is instructed to "kill". After 13 hours of continuously pounding Anomaly XJ-9041 to seemingly no discernible effect, Anomaly JF-4785 was instructed to "leave". XJ-9041 vocalized his lament for the remainder of the day, responding to every vocal prompt with various obscenities.

Item in question: Anomaly DF-6103
Description: Petra-based staff began to communicate Anomaly DF-6103 and attempted to persuade it to deviate from its current position and in essence "kidnap" Anomaly XJ-9041 and return to its original altitude of 5400 km. Despite not receiving a definite response, Anomaly XJ-9041 is transported to radio interception station used to transcribe radio messages from Anomaly DF-6103. At this point, DF-6103 was detected sending a barrage of messages to XJ-9041's location, without deviating from its location. After it became clear that the plan had failed, recontainment staff attempted to enter the location. At this point, XJ-9041 became extremely distressed and began causing serious damage to recording instruments. Recontainment units were unable to prevent serious damage to machinery before subduing XJ-9041, leaving many messages either incompletely transcribed or lost. The following are the only messages recovered:

 For she had been given in marriage seven times, and Asmodeus, the worst of demons, 
had killed her bridegrooms one after another 
before ever they had slept with her as man with wife.
 Raphael said to Tobias before he reached his father [corrupted]
The reek of the fish distressed the demon, who fled through the air to Egypt. 
Raphael pursued him there, shackled him
and strangled him forthwith.

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