Bob. is the name given to a specific entity or rather collection of entities that have been morphed into unnatural forms using G-Mod corruptions.


The original Bob. A Metrocop with an elongated torso, pelvis, contorted arms and an angled neck.


Suited Bob.Edit

The second Bob. created, this Bob. has

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 10.15.07 PM
twisted arms, outstretched leg, an elongated neck and a permanently cocked head.

Shotgun Bob.Edit

The third Bob., this one has a bloated leg, totally morphed neck, and twisted head.

Gonome Bob.Edit

Gonome Bob. is a Gonome from Half-Life: Opposing Force with a stretched upper torso and slightly lowered head.

Assassin Bob.Edit

This Bob. is heavily distorted, with a majority of the body being twisted and forced.

Black Ops Bob.Edit

Probably the least deformed of the Bob. clan, Black Ops Bob. only sports a pivoted head, slightly elongated torso and extremely malformed arms.

Creamator Bob.Edit

Creamator Bob. is quite possibly the worst Bob. of the bunch. Totally corrupted lower body, complete malformation of everything above the waist, and its arms have been twisted so severely that its weapon is actually inside of its body, save for the orange tip clipping outward near the waist.

Gordon Bob.Edit

BedrockPerson's personal favorite, Gordon
Bob. has an extremely prolonged torso giving him a towering figure and also causing him to wobble uncontrollably as he walks, arms twisted backward permanently, and a neck jutting forwards topped with a face permanently contorted into a smile.

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