Asselosh the movie [sic] is a shitty movie, based on the Aselosh story arc with which nothing has been done in at least four months since its inception. Directed by AgentMuffin, it has a runtime of about two hours.

Act 1Edit

Open to inside Aselosh's throne room. Dramatic music plays; an array of flames crackles and licked itself in the background. The music is cut off by a record scratch as Aselosh faces the camera. "Now, you're probably wondering how I got here," the king says. Beat. "That's what you're going to say, right?" Cut to a shot from the backside of the room. Aselosh is revealed to be looking at SM64!BedrockPerson, who stands before him. "The more things change, Bedrock…"

"You may have ruined my silly game, Aselosh," retorts BedrockPerson, "but you were never in control. It won't take much to put an end to your antics. Don't make me do that."

"I, the New King, never in control?" Aselosh sneers at the low-poly man. "You may have divine control over this world, but my powers are political. And you know how crazy politics can make people. Bedrock, you've seen the signs." Signs? But there was no time to ruminate. Aselosh snapped his clawed fingers and out of the fire run infinite spiders.

"Spiders? That's your master plan? But never mind how pathetic that is. Your silly bug spawner doesn't even mean anything concrete. Nandemo?" A bright apricot figure burst out of the wall. He creates a cork box, picks it up, and runs to the end of the room and back before setting it down. The spiders stop generating. "Just as expected. You hacked a spawner. And spawner clones can't send signals!" But seconds later, more spiders begin crawling out of the fire, and the cracks in the floor and walls, as Aselosh smirked on. They cover the figures, cackling deeply as they melted into skeletons. Nandemo flies into the hellflame. The spiders were all wearing gas masks… But…

Cut through black. Jacob's eyes fly open. A moment later, the realization hits him: It was just a dream. But yet, he can't shake the feeling that his dream was somehow prophetic.

…-k-i-a-dot-com. "I have to tell one of them… They won't believe me, but I have to." Jacob types out a quick description of his dream and submits it. He leaves to get breakfast. Timelapse. When he returns to the computer, he has a reply from Marıofan5050. "Something about edge and kek. Not that I expected any more. Suppose I was acting a bit ridiculous." A few seconds later, he refreshes the page, and the thread is closed.

"Agent, I swear…" He reopens the thread. Refresh. The thread is still open. Jacob shrugs and starts packing up for school.

Suddenly, he freezes. What signs?… Beat. Jacob, it was just a damn dream, the boy decides.

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